The FIRST shipment of semen will continue to be included in the stud fee.

The mare owner will be required to supply us with a FedEx account number that will be used to charge all shipments of semen (except the first one).

Fed Ex accepts major credit cards. Contact them prior to shipping for details.

We no longer offer Frozen Semen on Rodioso. His frozen semen is of excellent quality and he has produced many “frozen” foals however the public does not accept frozen horse semen with the enthusiasm that Rodioso warrants therefore we have opted to keep the almost 200 remaining doses for our personal future use. If you have an interest in this horse’s frozen semen contact Pamela Pentz on a private treaty basis. We will and can guarantee it.

Thank you

Pam Pentz

Please download and print the 2015 contract and mail it to the address on our contact page with the booking fee.

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