Rodioso stands to outside mares for $1500 LFG fresh cooled semen. There is a $500 non refundable booking fee included in the stud fee price. We do not accept credit cards, cash or check only. All fees payable to Derby Farms.

Rodioso also has excellent frozen semen with a very high (90%) conception rate. It sells for $350 per dose and we recommend three doses. Contact us for details on that, it is stored and shipped in a dry shipper by Rainland Farm our veterinary clinic.

Rodioso will be available for Fresh Cooled Semen Collection from March 1, 2019 to August 15, 2019. Frozen is available all year.

NEWS FLASH! TESTED NEGATIVE/NEGATIVE FOR WFFS in December 2018 from UC Davis Lab results!

Please download a copy of our Fresh Semen contract: Rodioso 2018 Breeding Contract

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